This business is for the birds

Ted Prodromou
3 min readMar 24, 2023

WARNING: It’s Friday, and I’m soooo ready for the weekend.

People on LinkedIn continue to amaze me.

Today, I received this invitation to connect.

Hi.I’m Su ! Your resume looks great. Can we talk? I’m in the birds nest business.

if I didn’t bother you.

To be honest, I never met anyone in the bird’s nest business, so I checked out her profile.

Su’s About section tells me everything I need to know about the bird nest business.

I am engaged in a birds nest processing factory, and birds nest is a food product, so to be a traceable bird nest processing factory, in addition to the normal business license, it also needs to obtain the qualifications certified by the Malaysian Veterinary Bureau and the Health Bureau.

The birds nest processing factory in Malaysia needs to have the following certificates: Mesti, GMP, HACCP, Export Listing, GVHP, MOS and other certificates approved by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia and various relevant departments, and then the CNCA of the China Quality Inspection Bureau will go to Malaysia for approval. Whether the factory meets the import requirements.

Now I feel like I’m an expert in the bird’s nest business.

Su’s LinkedIn profile is clearly a fake account because she has 0 connections and 0 followers.

Her company page does have 79 followers.

I guess someone could use this fake account to send me spam messages on LinkedIn.

Here are some LinkedIn messages I created with ChatGPT to promote her bird nest business.

I wanted to share the exciting news that my bird has started a new business! She specializes in creating unique bird nests that are both functional and stylish. If you’re a bird enthusiast or just looking for a fun addition to your backyard, be sure to check out her page and give her a follow!

Calling all bird lovers! My feathered friend has started her own business designing and building beautiful bird nests. Whether you’re a seasoned birder or just starting out, her products are sure to bring joy to your feathered friends. Head to her page to learn more and see some of her amazing



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